I’m so glad to hear it resonated with you! You’re right that it’s crucial for the statues to have hope, so we can all have hope too :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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I skimmed this once, it was amazing. Then I read it again carefully, it was even better! Chills up my sign.

Then I re-read it a third time, even more slowly, and I tripped over this line. I couldn't move past it:

> saved of shame but damned with regret

wow. This succinctly captures a concept I've been struggling to articulate for the past ~year. Trying to convince myself why it's OK to try, why failing/embarrassment isn't a signal that I should stop trying/that I'm on the right direction.

It's easy to understand this logically but hard to integrate this emotionally in a way that carries through with me. This is so succinct and easy to carry.

Saved of shame but damned of regret.

Thank you!

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I personally liked the moment where the people realise that they could also be “the fool” if they just broke free from their own self judgement. Who they were didn’t have to be static but they just made it so. I am guilty of this myself and am beginning to write to stop limiting myself. You inspire me, so thank you :)

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