"The benefit of independence is that I get to choose what to work on. The cost of independence is that I have to choose what to work on."


So much going on, Salman! It's strangely encouraging—in togetherness, not schadenfreude lol—to see other artists and writers juggle, deal with the limitations of time and body, pay the taxes of which there are many. Exciting to see curiosity and the urge to make pull so strongly, strength to you and I look forward to seeing where these threads lead.

And thanks so much for the mention 🙏

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Thanks Coleen! Appreciate your words, and having you as a peer on this creative journey. That togetherness you describe is what can help us continue to "write into the dread, whatever it might be", as Marsha wrote in her recent letter (https://marshamcspadden.substack.com/p/shifting-points-of-view).

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So much to unpack on this edition... I shall do it. Slowly.

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Take your time, my friend! I'll be right here if any thoughts or questions come to mind. I'd love to know what resonated with you :)

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The Teaching Article is 5+ years old, I think it's encpuraging to see how your writing has grown.

"The best way to learn is to teach" - A thread, I see, running through 10k Work, briding the gap between skill amd vision and Teaching in Paradise is the idea of: deliberate practice.

Sometimes, we won't always have the luxury of the student so we are pushed to adapt a personal Master-Apprentice relationship with our mind.

Beethoven is said to have put it this way:

"Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine."

And Gustave Flaubert on the Value of Systems + SOPs as limitations that enhance creativity:

"Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work."

In short, deliberate practice is about developing three skills: self-teaching, self-awareness and self-regulation.

What it looks like? For coders (or no coders) devising little practice exercises that incrementally focus on honing a specific skill e.g How to Write Functions or Loops. And then beaking it down to smaller tasks etc..

I'd recommend this excellent treat on the subject of skills-acquisition snd learning:


Those are my initial thoughts.

Great Week!

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I love so much of what you shared, especially this quote: "Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work."

One of the things I have done even in my 'creative life' is try to have some kind of structures in place. Total freedom feels chaotic -- instead I want some structure so that my creativity can be chaotic.

Thanks for the wisdom shared here, will be exploring it more!

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