I love this so much, Salman.

“The practice of sharing, not studying, kept me drawing.”

That’s fairly profound that the act of sharing, having the space to share itself, and inviting others into your world like that can act as fuel to keep going.

What do you think it was about sharing specifically that propelled you to keep drawing, though?

“I like to think that in certain moments when I’m giggling at a funny nose I doodled, he’s giggling too.”

That’s so sentimental. Lil Salman is probably amazed at what you’re doing!

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Love how you turned a supposed limitation--an internal battle with drawing people--into your greatest drawing strength.

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Your experience really resonated with me! My mom encouraged my art, but my dad thought I was “too smart” to pursue it seriously, and wanted me to have a successful, stable career. He put a lot of pressure on me to succeed.

Now I’m an adult, and I do the same thing to myself! One half tells me to use my time on my passions, the other half that I should be working on something “productive”.

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