Thank you for this. All too often we think we know best and end up making the situation worse, don't we -- for Nature, for others, for ourselves.

and capitalism has done yet more, of course: making estuaries where young salmon can more safely grow into grazing land for cattle; building dykes and dams to meet our own perceived "economic needs"; overfishing to make as much money as quickly as possible, it just goes on and on.

Robin Wall Kimmerer, in her book *Braiding Sweetgrass* has a poetic description of the relationship between the salmon and the First Peoples and the impacts on local ecologies.

Your story reminded me of her wisdom as well.

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The list really does go on and on. It's depressing to think about, yet so important to talk about so we do not keep repeating the same mistakes.

Wow that's super cool to hear about Robin's book! I had seen that title around a bunch of times but didn't know that is what it's about. Might just check it out, thank you!

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