I have been thinking about this a lot in terms of relationships. I own a small creative business with staff, and lately find myself fantasizing about shedding it and becoming a freelancer, artist, solopreneur… anything that avoids the chaos of dealing with other people constantly.

But then I realize that this is just a desire to have total control, which is an illusion anyway. The chaos of other humans - including hurt feelings, misunderstandings, frustration - it’s all part and parcel of what it means to have a meaningful relationship. To avoid chaos is to avoid life!

Thank you so much for this thought provoking read!

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What an encouraging post! I’m a planner too, and this often leads to unnecessary stress. So I think one of my resolutions is to let myself be inspired without focusing so much on the destination. I want to start enjoying the creative process more.

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You mean to say I will never actually have my whole life together? :)

Beautiful perspective.

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