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I’m Salman, and this is my newsletter on creativity, curiosity and embracing a polymath lifestyle. Each edition features essays, art and ideas on the journey of self-discovery, and the struggles of unlocking creativity.

You can learn more about me on my website salman.io, or catch me on Twitter @daretorant.

You can get a sense of my writing through some of my most popular posts:

  • The Polymath Playbook — Modern society is designed for specialists, but there are huge benefits to taking a polymath approach to life. This essay is the story of my life and how I learned to embrace my inner polymath.

  • Altering Your Reality — How to stop worrying about what others think.

  • Why Bother? — Why should we share our work with others? I found myself in a crisis of questioning: I was writing more than ever, but wasn't sure exactly why. I share the story of how I tackled this difficult question, and the answers I found in the teachings of Elizabeth Gilbert.

  • The Body Knows When It's Alone — After almost a year of lockdown, I grapple with the loneliness of self-quarantine. But I discover an ally in the process — my own body. It's been sending me signals to guide me all along. I finally learn how to listen.

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