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I’m Salman, and this is my weekly newsletter. I share essays, comics and fables on creativity, self-awareness, and playful productivity. It’s a magical medley of media!

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Essays on my Blog

  • The Polymath Playbook — Modern society is designed for specialists, but there are huge benefits to taking a polymath approach to life. This essay is the story of my life and how I learned to embrace my inner polymath.

  • Low Stakes, Strong Takes — Instead of dumping all of our work into the ocean of public social media, we can share it in controlled environments. We can let it swim in friendly waters—streams and bays, rivers and lakes. There is an entire spectrum of sharing between private and public—you might call it semi-public sharing.

  • Peeling the Onion — I like to think of writing as peeling layers from the onion of my mind. Each layer is meaningful, but it is just one layer of many. If what I’m writing now is just the outer layers, what lies hidden beneath?

  • How to Ask for Feedback — Great feedback is a gift, but most feedback isn’t great. It takes a lot of intention, practice, and self-awareness to master the art of giving feedback. With a few adjustments to our approach, we can dramatically improve the effectiveness of the feedback we get, and protect our peace in the process.

  • Altering Your Reality — How to stop worrying about what others think.

Notes in my Digital Garden

  • Writing Guide — My best writing advice. I’ve been building this guide over time and it covers a range of challenges including overcoming writer’s block, improving your craft, and evolving how you measure your writing.

  • Bookshelf — My favorite books. I’ve been publishing annual posts with my favorite books of the year.

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Essays, comics and fables on creativity, self-awareness, and playful productivity.


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