A lone castaway strolls along the beach. He hears a voice call out to him, and turns to see a sailboat approaching the shore. His gaze searches the decks for its crew, but to his alarm, he sees no one on board...
🦊 #67 — The double-edged sword of creative independence
🦊 #66 — Self-Growth, Alan Watts, and the Tragedy of Cats
🦊 #65 — Do you hear the whispers from within?
🦊 #63 — Learning to swim saved me from drowning in overthinking.
🦊 #62 — Benefits of boredom, the future of AI-assisted creativity, and an ode to procrastination.
🦊 #61 — If you seek change, beware of the status police who limit your range.
🦊 #60 — Weaving a web of multitudes, drawing iteratively, and cats slamming doors.
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